Welcome to Salmon Creek Live; a site dedicated to all that is great about our Salmon Creek neighborhood.

          Salmon Creek Live strives to be your one-stop neighborhood resource about news, events, activities, and just plain fun stuff about Salmon Creek. Proudly hosted by Mitch and Melanie Canton, Salmon Creek neighborhood advocates and part of a family that has lived in Salmon Creek for over 70 years!

          Whether you’re looking for a place to eat or a place to live; or if you need to talk to a plumber or a neighborhood banker or the school principal, Salmon Creek Live aims to be your one-stop source for all that is Salmon Creek.

          If you’re new to the area, or looking to relocate, find out a little more about this great neighborhood, then move on in.

          In addition to the pages of great information tucked away throughout the site, we also frequently update the website with news, events, and activities that highlight the vibrant, bustling nature of our neighborhood.

          There’s so much going on in our Salmon Creek neighborhood. Yet, try as we might, we can’t cover everything. We welcome – in fact, encourage – our neighbors to contribute to the site. Have an upcoming school or neighborhood event? Let us know. See some interesting news in the neighborhood you want to share with others? Tell us all about it.

          Please know that this is not the Salmon Creek version of TMZ or OMG, so we’re not looking for local gossip or stuff like that; and we do retain the right edit or refuse content that is not appropriate for a family-oriented neighborhood site.

          Still, having said that, we do value your participation. So please join in!

          Welcome to the neighborhood.

              SalmonCreekLive.com is all about the People, Places, Activities and Events right here in Salmon Creek. This neighborhood site is brought to you by Live! Local Media, the same local folks who bring you the community site ClarkCountyLive.com


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