A note from your Neighborhood Association board.

Your opinions matter! All politics are local! Volunteer!

We’re sure you’ve heard these phrases, requests, and pleas many times. Each of us on the Board of your neighborhood association are familiar with them and, with us as well as you, they have frequently fallen on deaf ears.

But your Board has a message for you… the words in these phrases ring true and, for each of us having learned through experience, these words have gained in strength and validity.

The decisions that are made that impact you the most are decisions made by your locally-elected officials: taxes, water, what your neighbors are allowed to do and what they’re not, air quality, roads, animal control, how rural land is used and how it isn’t, or local parks and how they are managed, where they are placed. Although guidelines come from various State and Federal agencies, the implementation and modifications to them are typically made at a local regional, city or county levels.

Making wise choices involves doing your homework – and staying involved in the conversations. Our NSCNA works at staying in the conversation in order to bring back to our neighborhoods – the grass-roots – decisions that are being made that impact each of your neighborhoods.

In return, it is essential to our local democratic processes that we take every opportunity to learn from you, the residents, and share your opinions with those people who are making impactful decisions. Too often, we hear how impacted citizens “didn’t know anything about” the implementation of a decision that is affecting their neighborhoods, their roads, their schools.

You will hear your NSCNA board joining in the chorus of Your Opinions Matter! And Volunteer! We can assure you that doing some homework, stating your opinions publicly and volunteering doesn’t take as much time as anyone thinks (unless one chooses to put in more time), but your participation on a regular basis is invaluable. But even a few minutes here and there can make a difference in a decision which affects negatively or positively.

This year – Volunteer! Your Opinion DOES Matter! Participate in your local Neighborhood Association.

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