Clark County Looking to (Short)change Felida Neighborhood Park

          What Happened to Cougar Creek Community Park?

          Just when you thought Clark County government had realized its full potential to alienate and aggrieve its own constituents, they pull a new trick out of their back pocket… you know, that same pocket developers are usually in.

          As recently as July 20, a County Staff report requested approvals to apply for grants for five parks, including Sorenson Park and the Cougar Creek Community Park in Felida. At the 11th hour (on July 27), the staff report to the Clark County Board of Commissioners (per direction) did NOT contain any reference to the Cougar Creek Community Park grant. Initial research by the Felida Neighborhood Association uncovered information showing Clark County intends to “swap” this land with a parcel owned by a developer.  No big deal, right?

          Well, a couple of things to consider.

          1) The existing park land (10 acres) had a recent purchase price of almost $1 million, while the “swap” parcel (at just over 6 acres) has a recent appraised value of $225,000.  With deals like that, who wouldn’t want to do business with the county, I mean besides taxpayers.

          2) The existing park land was purchased by Clark/Vancouver Parks with Park Impact Fees collected for Park District #9 (which includes the Felida area).  The proposed swap parcel is well outside of Park District 9 and the Felida Neighborhood boundary.

          Let’s just assume there is some nugget of benefit for the Felida neighborhood hidden in here.  Yes, it’s a stretch, but lets go with that.  Where was the opportunity for public input on this matter?


          There is an urgent neighborhood meeting on this topic this Saturday, July 31, at 7:30 at the Felida Park, NW 122nd Street, just west of NW 36th Avenue.

          Come be heard. Before the County acts “on your behalf” without your input.  (See the attached image for more details).

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