College Goal Sunday


          FAFSA Help for Seniors.

          If you’re planning on continuing your education after high school, you may need access to financial aid. The way to do that is by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

          The FAFSA goes live on January 1st, and it is recommended that you fill out and submit it as soon as possible. The aid you can get is based on what your family can reasonably contribute. You will need to estimate parent income (for the most part, unless you are in a unique or different situation) and submit that ASAP.

          Do not wait! Use an estimate, submit your FAFSA, and you can go back in and make changes later. To help with this process, go to this link: Federal Student Air: Filling Out the FAFSA . It will provide you with the steps to get your FAFSA completed so that you can get the financial aid you need.

          Clark College will also be hosting College Goal Sunday Washington this year, which will provide you with access to financial aid experts who can help you complete or edit your FAFSA. This will be Sunday, January 26th at 1pm. For more information, or to register, visit College Goal Sunday Washington online.

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