From the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association:
          If you received your North Salmon Creek NA newsletter - with information about the January meeting - after the meeting date, please accept our apologies.

          We delivered the file for the newsletters to the County offices on January 2, to be printed and mailed to our neighbors. It seems that due to reduced hours, staffing, and services during the snow storm, the County was unable to print and deliver the newsletters so that they would be received in time for the meeting.

          Again, our apologies. While much of the issue is beyond our control, please know that the Neighborhood Association does its best to provide timely information to our stakeholders in the neighborhood.

          It is for scenarios like this that we have created our digital delivery program. It's free, so make sure you sign up today.

        Goodwill in Salmon Creek

        Salmon Creek:  Goodwill in Salmon Creek   There’s always been a feeling of goodwill in Salmon Creek; but now it looks like it will be official.  Goodwill Industries is opening a new store in Salmon Creek, next to Albertsons and close to Legacy Hospital. 

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