Update on Springstone Psychiatric Hospital

          Late last year, the State of Washington/Department of Health awarded Springstone a Certificate of Need to establish a 72 bed acute care behavioral health/ psychiatric hospital to be named Rainier Springs, pending a Conditional Use Permit from Clark County. The facility will be located behind the Holiday Inn Express in Salmon Creek.

          In public comments, Springstone, the facility management, has stated that they will not be providing any residential chemical dependency services, services are acute/short term behavioral health/psychiatric inpatient services.

          The mental health community supports this hospital, as they state with only 23 crisis beds in the entire county there is currently a shortage of places where people with mental health issues can receive assistance. This facility is projected to offer 72 beds serve, with clients staying approximately 7-10 days, and may include places for seniors and some for medicaid clients, while the remainder will be private pay.

          Local Neighborhood Association concerns were primarily over safety, however, the facility said it will be not serving what they called the ‘forensic psychiatric’ community (eg. criminally inclined mentally ill). Traditional concerns such as noise, emergency vehicles, traffic, and stormwater runoff are all still part of the discussion.

          After a recent Public Hearing, the next step for Springstone is to obtain a conditional use permit from Clark County. Once the permit is issued, the health department will officially issue the certificate of need, beginning a two-year clock for construction to commence.

          Springstone plans call for the hospital to be operational by January 2018.

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