Not a Happy Camper

          Do You Know Where Your Tanks Are?

          So, I found out the hard way that the theft of propane tanks is on the rise in Clark County. Yes, even here in Salmon Creek.

          Let’s see a raise of hands…How many of you have a propane tank at your house? Well, a lot of you do! Are your tanks safe? I thought mine were…I thought wrong.

          We have a travel trailer, on the travel trailer were (notice I used the word were ) two propane tanks, and the trailer is parked next to our home. I left the house at 8 am on Monday and came home about 3 pm; and noticed the propane tank cover had been removed, the lines cut, and the tanks were gone. 

          Yes, I called the Sheriff. Do I think the losers  people who did this will get caught? Probably not, but I believe it’s still a good idea to let law enforcement know what types of things are happening in our neighborhood, and hope it might help prevent it from happening to others. 

          Our family enjoys going camping together and we’ll still go on our trip, maybe even before the tanks are replaced and the lines fixed. I’ll just be sure to load extra firewood, sit around the campfire late into the night and curse the jerks who did this have some s’mores!

          Don’t forget to protect your tanks!

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