Salmon Creek NA General Meeting Notes January 2015

          The General meeting of the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA) was called to order at 7pm by Jennifer Hickel leading the approximately 50 members and guests in attendance in the pledge of allegiance.

          Minutes for NSCNA General Meetings are available online at

          Financial report was delivered by Treasurer Dave Farrell.
          The check is in the mail for the NSCNA from the Recycling Tour Dave Farrell participated in last year. We have been waiting for this check for many months. These funds will go into the general fund.

          Deputy Andrew Kennison – Q&A
          o Concerns regarding the 139th Street & 10th Ave intersection traffic signal and timing. Jennifer Konopasek indicated she’s heard many residents with concerns regarding this intersection and she would contact the county regarding timing and traffic study.
          o Concerns of potential email phishing. Don’t open attachments or respond if you don’t know the sender.
          o Where is our local Precinct? 179th Street near the Fairgrounds. This precinct maintains normal business hours. If you have an emergency, call 911.

          Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) – Karen Murphy
          Encouraging Emergency Preparedness
          o Have a Plan! How many days are you prepared for?
          o Reverse 911 for cell phone (for those without a landline) go to:
          o If you have a non-emergency to report, call 911. Currently Clark County does not have a non-emergency line. Upon reaching 911 Operator indicate that your call is a non-emergency.
          o County researching and planning a non-emergency system, but it’s not currently available.

          Salmon Creek Live – Mitch Canton
          If there are events in Salmon Creek that need to be advertised, get the information to Mitch Canton to be publicized on SC Live. If you are not receiving notifications of SC Live information and you want it, submit your email address to Mitch via

          Neighbor to Neighbor
          New Retail Development – Ann Foster discussed new information regarding the possible rezoning from light industrial to commercial of the property on the Northeast corner of 139th Street and 10th Ave. (The current location of DeWitt Construction)
          As the residents of this neighborhood we can provide our own feedback to the County either in writing or at the Board of County Councilors meeting on February 24th.

          Fred Meyer fueling station is open.
          Starbucks with drive-thru scheduled to open February 14th.
          Sherwin Williams to open sometime in the Spring.
          Thank you to Wayside Market, Jeff Thamert for providing tonight’s chicken, Starbucks for the coffee and Riverview Community Bank for the cookies and use of their branch for our general meetings.

          Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20pm

          Respectfully submitted by Secretary Jennifer Konopasek

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