Salmon Creek NA General Meeting Notes, January 2016

          The General meeting of the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA) was called to order at 7pm by Vice President Ann Foster leading the approximately 40 members and guests in the pledge of allegiance.

          Minutes for NSCNA General Meetings are available online at

          Treasurer Dave Farrell was not present. Ann Foster noted that since we have had no expenses since the last meeting, the current checking balance should be very close to last months.

          Sheriff’s Report

          No deputy was able to attend. Ann asked group to jot down any questions, concerns, she will forward to Sheriff’s Office.

          Julie Olson
          Clark County Councilor, District 2

          Julie spoke briefly and took questions. For this year, biggest challenges for her are:
          (1) Comprehensive Growth Management Plan
          (2) Budget process for the coming year. County plans 0% levy so will have challenges prioritizing County needs and services.

          February 16, 2016 is next hearing on the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan; Board will reconsider alternatives and adopt one which will then move to final EIS.

          The Reflector is County’s Paper of Record, contract terminates April, 2016, Board will reconsider. New contract with County Executive Manager in next 30-60 days.

          Based on questions from group, Julie clarified particular issues that are NOT Board responsibility: I-5 Bridge, Cowlitz Casino, and the proposed crude oil refining terminal.

          Julie encouraged constituents to contact her with questions and concerns. Office hours are M/T/W. Email is [email protected]

          Neighborhood issues

          Hour Impact – February 4th presentation at the Three Creeks Community Library 6-7 pm. Hour Impact is a time bank for volunteering/ trading skills. Sponsored by Clark County and the Human Services Council. Contact Colete Anderson at [email protected] or 360-397-2280, ext 4516

          Farmers Markets – Salmon Creek Market (behind Wayside) will start in May. Tuesday Legacy Market will also start in May; new market in Felida this summer, more details to follow.

          Thank you to Wayside Market, Jeff Thamert for providing tonight’s chicken and jo-jo’s, Starbucks for the coffee and Riverview Community Bank for the cookies and use of their branch for our general meetings.

          Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 pm

          Respectfully submitted by Secretary Fiona Humphrey

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