Salmon Creek NA General Meeting Notes November 2014

          The general meeting of the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association was brought to order at 7PM by co-President, Jennifer Konopasek, on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at Riverview Community Bank.

          Dave Farrell, treasurer, made a Treasurer report.

          Per the agenda, the first item was Q & A with Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy, Andrew Kennison, and Sgt. Brent Waddell. In response to a question asked in a prior meeting, Deputy Kennison and Sgt. Waddell reviewed procedures in the event of a school shooting. The procedures in use have been determined by the Vancouver School District in cooperation with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. The officers reported that extensive training takes place regularly and constantly within the Sheriff’s Department as well as City police departments; in addition, schools, especially the VSD, are aggressively training teachers and holding drills with students in order to be prepared if such an event should take place. In the event of a school incident, Clark County uses a 911-reverse call alert system with instructions. Follow-up is in process to determine how all of us can ensure that our cell phones are accessible by this system.

          It was brought up that items taken from front lawns in our community last spring are in the process of being returned; the thieves are in the process of being identified. The items that have not been returned as of yet are to be used as evidence in the prosecution of the suspects.

          Speeding on NE 134 St is consistently an issue in the NSCNA. We were reminded that the Vancouver School District School Resource Officer at Skyview H.S. is responsible for enforcing laws while school is in session. There is a possibility that advisory signage might be available for us to use. NSCNA representative Sandra Day informed us that signage is available for loan (this is a trailer with a digital display to show your speed); meeting attendee Joy Lyons has offered to follow up with that availability. In the meantime, Deputy Kennison offered to try and get more attention to the problem, especially during school hours. Another suggestion is to install devices that bring greater attention to the crosswalks on NE 134th St (Hathaway St); Ann Foster offered to follow up and will contact Clark County Public Works.

          Dave Farrell, Treasurer, presented ID Theft Prevention, with practical suggestions and recommendations for preventing ID theft, especially during the Holiday season. Dave strongly emphasized the importance of maintaining challenging passwords for all personal documents and changing those passwords frequently.

          November is election month for the NSCNA. Up for election were the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and District Officers for Districts 2, 4 and 6. Mitch Canton nominated Jennifer Hickel for President, seconded by Jennifer Konopasek. Jennifer Konopasek nominated Ann Foster for Vice President, with a second from Mitch Canton. Mitch also nominated Jennifer Konopasek for Secretary, seconded by Jennifer Hickel. Dave Farrell remained up for re-election as Treasurer; as did Jennifer Hickel in District 4 and Mitch Canton in District 6. Leigh Potter nominated himself for District 2 officer, with a second from Jennifer Konopasek.

          The 2015 NSCNA Board was elected as follows:
          President, Jennifer Hickel
          Vice President, Ann Foster
          Secretary, Jennifer Konopasek
          Treasurer, Dave Farrell
          District 1: Jennifer Konopasek
          District 2: Leigh Potter
          District 3: Fiona Humphrey
          District 4: Jennifer Hickel
          District 5: Ed Conzatti
          District 6: Mitch Canton
          District 7: Ann Foster
          At-large: Lynn Helsel
          NSCNA representative to NACCC: Sandy Day

          Neighbor to Neighbor: Sandra Day, NSCNA’s representative to the Neighborhood Associations of Clark County, encouraged us all to attend one of the regularly held NACC meetings. She emphasized that these meetings are of interest to all of us in Clark County. She reported that there is an advisory sign available for neighborhood associations to borrow; NSCNA will follow up with that.

          The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

          Meeting notes as provided by Ann Foster.

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