Salmon Creek NA General Meeting Notes November 2015

          The General meeting of the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association (NSCNA) was called to order at 7pm by Jennifer Hickel leading the approximately 47 members and guests in the pledge of allegiance.

          Minutes for NSCNA General Meetings are available online at

          Financial report was delivered by Treasurer Dave Farrell.

          Cowlitz Tribe / Cowlitz Casino Resort
          Philip Harju and Pete Schultz representing the Cowlitz Tribe led in a discussion of the anticipated Cowlitz Casino Resort.
          The Resort is expected to be built in phases. The purpose is economic and to provide services for the tribe, tribal education, future reservation expansion and funds for the future of the Cowlitz Tribe.

          Phase I – Casino, parking lot and landscaping. Scheduled to open Spring, 2017.
          Additional phases will include hotel, parking structure, tribal administrative offices and conference building.
          Destination restaurants including fine dining will be included.
          Final completion anticipated for 2020.

          The Cowlitz Tribe will build and maintain a sewer treatment plant for the use of the resort.
          Power will be generated and received from Clark Public Utilities.
          Upon completion of the whole resort they anticipate to employee approximately 800 – 1200 people, many of which will not be tribal members. This will provide many jobs to the residence of the surrounding communities.

          The land surrounding the reservation cannot be purchased by the tribe without lengthy federal process, so it should remain rural land.

          Concerns were discussed surrounding cigarette smoke within the casino impeding upon the enjoyment of others. These concerns were alleviated by the discussion that the casino would be nothing like others here in the Pacific NW. There will be significant care and caution taken to create ventilation that helps dissipate smoke, even in smoking areas. There will also be areas designated as non-smoking zones.

          Community Outreach
          Pledged 2% of net from gaming for local Arts and Education. Anyone within the County will be able to apply for funds.
          Scholarship money

          Additional information can be found at

          Walk and Knock
          First Saturday in December 5th
          Put your bag out on your doorstep by 9am.
          Accepting non-perishable food items to be delivered to the Clark County Food Bank.
          If you want to volunteer call 877-99-KNOCK or visit

          2016 Elections
          President – Jennifer Hickel
          Vice President – Write-in – Ann Foster
          Secretary – Write in – Fiona Humphrey
          Treasurer – Dave Farrell

          District Directors
          #1 – Jennifer Konopasek
          #3 – Fiona Humphrey
          #5 – Ed Conzatti
          #7 – Ann Foster

          Thank you to Wayside Market, Jeff Thamert for providing tonight’s chicken and jo-jo’s, Starbucks for the coffee and Riverview Community Bank for the cookies and use of their branch for our general meetings.

          Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:24pm

          Respectfully submitted by Secretary Jennifer Konopasek

          Next General Meeting January 26, 2016

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