Salmon Creek NA General Meeting Notes September 2015

          The General Membership meeting of the North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 by Vice President Ann Foster by leading the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

          Previous meeting minutes are available for review on

          Treasurer, Dave Farrell, provided the balance of the general account.

          Deputy Andrew Kennison was present to answer resident questions and provide feedback on the neighborhood. The Salmon Creek neighborhood continues to be relatively safe. Most of the Sheriff’s Officers time is spent to our South in the Hazel Dell area. The most significant crime in our immediate area is car prowls.
          The residents thanked Deputy Kennison for his dedication and service to our community with a round of applause.

          Fire District 6, Assistant Fire Shawn Chief Newberry provided information on the current state of our fire district. Many of our fire engines are in need of repair or replacement. Fire Station 63 – Salmon Creek is in need of desperate repair or relocation/construction. It costs approximately $5,000 to outfit ONE firefighter with the full gear necessary to serve our community.
          The fire district does not believe in financing or borrowing funds so they rely strictly upon their share of property taxes and bond/levy funds. Please educate yourself for the proposed ‘Lid Lift’ that will be on the November ballot asking voters to approve the levy to restore funding for emergency services.
          To contact the Fire Chief with further questions:
          Fire Chief Jerry Green 360.576.1195
          [email protected]
          [email protected]

          hOur IMPACT Time Bank Jacqui Kamp and Karin Woll presented how the time bank works.
          Anyone can join the time bank and share your abilities and skills. In return, your payment is that someone will utilize their skill or return to ‘pay’ you back. No money is involved. ‘Currency’ of a time bank is always your time. Volunteer on your own time and in your own way, with what you know how to do.
          There is an annual $35 fee for the background check that must be completed to ensure the individuals working together have law enforcement clearance. There is a hold harmless signed when applying for the time bank. The philosophy is people helping people.
          This program is just getting up and running. There are currently 35 – 40 people in the time bank offering their services. Services include anything from yard work, sewing, plumbing etc.
          To contact Jacqui Kamp
          [email protected]

          Mitch Canton
          Check out Salmon Creek Live for what is happening in our community.

          Sign up for Neighborly! Neighborly is a local solution, brought to you by your friends at ClarkCountyLive, in partnership with Clark County. It’s your digital destination where you can be dialed in to everything that affects you, your home and neighborhood. It’s local and it’s free!
          Go to
          Please provide feedback since this program is very new. The desire is to make it user friendly and what residents want to see.

          Neighbor to Neighbor
          Ann Foster asked if anyone has heard information regarding a new cell tower near NW 151st Street and Seward? No one had any significant information on the new tower.

          Harvest- Halloween Farmers Market located at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Tuesday October 27th from 11am – 3pm.
          The Farmers Market behind Wayside Market is now closed for the season.

          Resident who resides on 126th Street asked for opinions on how to handle a new neighbor who has two very large fir trees on his property that are at risk of falling in any upcoming wind storm, and if they fell, would likely fall directly on his house.
          Some thoughts were:
          * Discuss it one-on-one with the neighbor
          * Pay for an arborist to come and give a professional opinion and take the information to the neighbor
          * Have an arborist prune the trees to lessen the likelihood they will come down
          * Nothing you can do until something happens
          * Contact insurance company ahead of time in case something happens

          Next general meeting is Tuesday, November 17th. Meeting will include nominations and voting for the new year’s Board of Directors.

          Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm

          Respectfully submitted – Jennifer Konopasek, Secretary

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