Salmon Creek Neighbors Rally in Noble Cause

          Residents Voice Concerns to Clark County on Noble Meadows.

          salmon creek, vancouver, washington, development, zoning, neighborhoodsLed by efforts of several neighbors, a group formed as Whipple Neighbors which opposes the planned Noble Meadows subdivision petitioned Clark County for changes to the proposed development. At issue was the creation of building lots as small as 4,000 square feet in a neighborhood where adjacent zoning is 10,000 square foot minimums. The neighbors, some sixty strong, and the land-use attorney representing their interests, filed comments which included detailed analysis of errors and issues related to the proposed development.

          Some of the primary considerations presented were as follows:

          • Failing to process the PUD as a re-zone as required by WA law
          • Failing to meet rezone standards
          • Failing to meet County PUD standards
          • Proposing lot sizes as small as 4,486 sq. feet in a minimum 10,000 sq. foot zone
          • Placing a stormwater facility in a riparian buffer/geo-hazard zone
          • Proposing 100,000 cubic yards of cut and fill
          • Proposing a plan inconsistent with the recommendations of their own geo-tech
          • Certifying the project without have traffic counts as required
          • Accepting a stormwater plan without appropriate engineering stamp.

          In total, there were eleven pages of comments by the Whipple Neighbors group. We have made the documents available for review and download here

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