The Mullet is Back

          But Not For Long.

          mulletThanks Northside Barber in Salmon Creek for saving my son from himself.

          Our family has been going to Northside Barber for quite some time now.  So when they decided to move their business to Salmon Creek (behind the Wayside Market), I was thrilled.

          So thrilled, that today I let my two sons ride their bikes there to get a haircut.  Alone. “Use your best judgment”, I said; to an eleven year old and a thirteen year old on summer vacation.   I confidently gave them a check, tip included, and money for a Slushie at the Wayside after the haircut.

          Then, I get the call.

          “Mom, Josh (11 year old) got a mullet but Marci (hair stylist) made me call you to make sure it’s OK.” Uh, NO.  (And thanks for taking the picture).

          So thanks Marci, for two things.  One, you actually listened to my 11 year old and gave him the mullet cut he was looking for.  Two, you had my 13 year old call me before you let the mullet-man out of your chair.

          You guys rock! 😎

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