We are all at Fault

          Statewide Earthquake Drill

          Faultline, that is.  So, with all the shakin’ going on around the world, I guess we should be a little more aware.

          WSU Vancouver is participating in the Statewide EARTHQUAKE DRILL scheduled for Wednesday, April 21 at 9:45 AM. The drill will be announced using the campus public address speakers and the emergency warning system. While Earthquake is the focus of the April Disaster Preparedness Month, our attention and commitment should be heightened by this year’s earthquake activity with loss of life and property in Haiti, Chili, and most recently, in California/Mexico.Upon hearing the announcement/alarm, please practice earthquake response by employing the “DROP, COVER, and HOLD earthquake survival mnemonic.

          I didn’t even know there was a Statewide Earthquake Drill… did you?

          via Statewide Earthquake Drill | WSU Vancouver.

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